By Shu.

PhotographyCreative Coding.

An Everlasting Silence

San Francisco –
New York –

A 3-Year Long Passway
Shanghai. 2014

The Verse
Wuhan. 2019
Negative Space
Spaceship ⇆ Space Gray

Hong Kong. 2018

Inns ( is a lab creating ideas and experiments about art, technology and design.

The Verse II
Tokyo. 2019

The Subject
New York. 2019

Beijing. 2017

Jeremy Brett
Beijing. 2017

By the Sea
The word “seaside” (海邊) came to my mind while listening to MUSE’s music Unintended.

Shanghai. 2015

City Bending
An exploration of Google Map 3D data.

A universal notepad:
Vietnam. 2019
Self Portrait
Acrylic paint
Shanghai. 2016

Who Has Seen the Wind
Wuhan. 2019

San Francisco Blue / 三藩藍

This Bird Has Flown
Shanghai. 2019